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Case of the Thursdays

So I was having a good morning. I took a shower the night before, I planned my outfit for today for less morning problems, I didn’t have to wash my hair, and things were on track. IT WAS ALL HAPPENING.

Then I stopped to get coffee at Dunkin before we got on the subway. I got a medium, which turned out to be EXTRA LARGE. But I had time to spare, and coffee is proof that we are loved and the world is a good place. 

On the way down to the subway I even chased down a guy who had dropped his metro card, shouting after him with the ever eloquent, “Yo! You! Guy! Dude in the pink shirt!” 

Good deed, check!


We are on the subway, and I turn, and BAM, knock my iced coffee, (still mostly full by the way,) out of his hand and it spills all. Over. The subway car.

People leap up and start running away from it, like it is the coming of the plague, and as the car goes forward and stops, it begins to spread in rivulets in about 20 feet in both directions. Passengers look horrified. Little snakes of coffee are adhering to the laws of physics and taking random paths. They take their feet off the floor, engaged in some sort of early morning unexpected Pilates. Meanwhile I can’t stop laughing. They give me mean looks, like I have ruined their commute. I try to stop laughing and tears start pouring down my face. 

And it just keeps going. And spreading. And leaking. Until eventually I get off one stop early because I just can’t hold in my now hysterical laughter. 

Hoo boy. 

Happy Thursday everyone! And may gravity be ever in your favor!